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Putters are slowest disc golf discs. Why? Because of their design/shape. They have the deep and thin rim that increases their total area of contact with air and thus increases its drag – making them slower. This shape also makes them very neutral flying. They have the least varying flight path of all the disc molds. This helps with accuracy and getting the disc to fly straight and into the basket.


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Beaded putters have a different feel in the hand than other discs, and might require some adjustments in grip for clean release. Beaded putters tend to be more stable.


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Might be more comfortable in hand for throwing of the tee. Beadless putters tend to be more understable.


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Thumbtracks mostly help with torque control, meaning you are able to throw these putters harder and with forehand and they will resist wobble and turn more.



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Bridging the gap from putter to driver, Mid-Range discs are versatile and effective in many situations. Midranges are a great disc to choose as your first disc. Midranges tend to fly straighter and won’t vary from their flight as much as drivers. Midranges have smaller and slightly deeper inner rims than drivers do.


Latitude Royal Trust profile


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Similar to putters, midrange discs also can with or without bead. And again, same as with putters, most of the difference is how disc feels in the hand. Yes, bead on the disc, is said to make it a bit more stable, but if a player has trouble releasing the disc cleanly if it has bead, enhanced stability means very little.


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Fairway Drivers have slightly smaller rims than distance drivers and are easier to control because they have less speed potential. While fairway drivers have less distance potential, they are a great choice for tighter lines, shots with less skip at the end, straighter flights, and shorter drives. Fairway driver for intermediate players will fly as far if not further than distance drivers, so choose wisely!


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Fairway driver and Distance drivers don’t come with bead like putters and midranges, but you should take into consideration before choosing drivers besides plastic and flight numbers is dome. Again, quite a lot of this decision has to be made based on how particular some level feels in your hand. But some folk wisdom says that “domier” discs tend to glide more and fly a bit slower – due to the shape and discs surface area with air. And according to Joel Freeman “domier” discs will be more neutral flying than flat ones – less aggressive turn and fade.


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Distance Drivers  have the greatest potential to travel the greatest distance. However, they also require the greatest speed to travel true to their intended flight characteristics. Distance drivers have wider rims and sharper noses. Controlling the landing of distance driver is very difficult, because the wide rim really tends to exaggerate skip and low speed fade.


Dynamic Discs Fuzion Sergant profile front


2022 discraft force profile front


2022 discraft scortch profile front

Same that applies to Fairway driver applies here. One thing to add is that discs with dome have a pop top a.k.a. heartbeat, which is fun to pop before your throw!

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