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DISCSandstuff is a brain child of a single person – Kristaps Prenclavs (PDGA #205679). Shop is located in Latvia, Adazi, call in advance and you can buy discs in person from my garage. Everything you see and everything you receive in your mail box is done by me. From creation of website, managing content to running day to day ops.

Kristaps Prenclavs

Founder – CEO

Kristaps Prenclavs

Packaging Director

Kristaps Prenclavs

Average Discgolfer

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Fast Shipping to Baltics

Due to me being locate in Latvia shipping to EE, LV, LT usually takes 2 working days

Photo of each Disc

Every disc that you select has a unique photo (expect completely identical discs e.g. – color, stamp, weight, dome)

Best Offers

Some juicy deals are going to be constantly available on the shop, so don’t miss out!

Secure Payments

Baltics and Finland are able to pay with Bank links, everyone else with 3D secure debit card payments

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